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Chess Olympiad Tours is the brainchild of David Kerans, chess journalist and historian of Russia and the USSR. The goal of the project is to bring chess enthusiasts into direct contact with the FIDE Olympiads, complete with travel and translation services, visa assistance, high-quality lodging, exclusive meetings with Olympiad teams and coaches, access to top chess journalists, observation of the FIDE congress, a friendly match with a top club in the host city, a simultaneous exhibition, banquets with local non-chess notables, and off-day cultural tours.
Chess Olympiad Tours will bring anywhere from 16 to 35 chess enthusiasts to the Baku Chess Olympiad, for the period September 6th to 16th, 2016.

For details of the tour, including flight schedule, Baku itinerary, group leader, accomodations, pricing, etc., please see either the “ US-Baku Tour ” tab or the " EU-Baku Tour " tab.

Tour Administrator: Chaska Tours 
Administration of the tour is in the hands of Chaska Tours , which has long experience in escorting small groups of North American and European tourists (primarily to Peru). Chaska Tours is processing tour bookings, visas to Azerbaijan, hotel and airline reservations, payments, refunds, etc. Chaska Tours agents are always on call to answer questions.

Chess Olympiad Tours
inside access to the event,
insider knowledge of the host cities

Looking ahead:
Batumi 2018 Olympiad Tour

Planning for travel to the 2018 Chess Olympiad in the beautiful Black Sea resort of Batumi, Georgia, is already underway.
Chess Olympiad Tours will be visiting Batumi in 2016 so as to prepare the ground for an expanded tour program for the 2018 event.